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¡MAYDAY! - Take Me To Your Leader CD
by Chris Walker
Date Added: Thursday 29 March, 2012
I first wanted to say I am a undeniable fan of ¡MAYDAY!, Tech N9ne, and any other Strange Music Artist. With that for about five months now I have been subliminally struck by ¡MAYDAY! and every single member's talent. The first song I was honored was a standout "The Noose", on Tech's Welcome To Strangeland album. Since then there has not been any piece of material that has been put out, been featured on, or produced by, these guys. Now said – "Take Me To Your Leader" there aren't enough adjectives for this monument. This epitomizes the heart of music and the dedication this group has put into this album is almost unprecedented to me and is already the best music of all 2012 and probably the last five years?. There isn't a single song that couldn't be a single, but this classic is a motherfuckin storytelling as all track transitions into eachother next flawlessly (especially tracks ten and eleven). With previously released songs before the release I thought I already had the feel for exactly what I pre–ordered, a hard hitting, beating, back bacon album and I guess my expectations were gone because this is music that is dark, light, deep, lifting and moving, with so many different feels and emotions that I haven't been able to think for four days due to lyrical madness and just good god damn bass lines throughout the album. Despite each track showing something completely original. Nothing to be slept on whatsoever "Take Me To Your Leader" should be in anyones hands who doesn't conform to garbage and enjoys quality music!!!

"Last Minute Trip" is playing, I'm done with the review, and I'm pissed that the music stopped playing. So honestly this CD sucks and everyone should go out and buy it or Download LEGALLY on Itunes (fifteen bucks Verses deprivement)???.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]